And I thought it was dead

The other day I was observing that I haven’t heard anything from Ruby on Rails for some time and was wondering if all its momentum was gone. But today, when I received the list of developer things coming for the Mac OSX Leopard I saw that the server version will come with Ruby on Rails pre-installed. Interesting move… Maybe I really wasn’t paying enough attention to what is going on out there.

This weekend one of my plans is to dig again things about scientific programming in Python and see if I can find tools to quickly and easily analyze data and present results in a graphical manner. There are two projects that I’m working right now that would benefit immensely from that. I remember in the past that it was very complicated to install and run, but I’ve learned a lot about manually making things work in the last couple of years.

Finally, I’m tired. Today has been an extra-tiring day for some reason I just can’t completely explain. So I got home earlier than usual (it was about 8:30pm) and now I’m trying to relax a little. Listen to some music, maybe watch a movie…

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