Snowy and Cold

Those are things that usually don’t go very well with Seattle, but that’s what the weather has been like the past two days. Yesterday it snowed about 2 inches around where I live. The temperature didn’t quite go below freezing, so the snow didn’t accumulate for long on the roads, just on grass and the roof of houses.

But today the temperature dropped and it snowed a little more and now all roads and sidewalks are quite icy and dangerous. Theoretically tomorrow is the only other cold day and then we are back to the 40s (about 5°C). It’s been an interesting month! The wettest month of recorded history and now the snowiest that I’ve seen (these last two days it probably snowed more than all my 2 years in Seattle combined).

Besides that life has been going normally. The house is getting close to finished (mezuzot and my desktop are pretty much the only things missing), work is driving me crazy, but it’s part of the process, and the rest is… well, not much of a rest, actually.

So, yes, I’m still alive and moving on. Hopefully I’ll be less tired one day eventually and will be able to write more interesting things. Like my adventure to add a book to my Amazon shopping cart yesterday and this morning… Or maybe how many interesting technologies are out there waiting to be tried. I’ve been looking into a couple in particular:

1) GPS-driven driving aids – prices are going down, features are going up… It’s so nice not to have to worry about how to get to places! Surely like cellphones you end up not learning your way (well, in the cellphone case you end up never memorizing phone numbers any more), but it’s all a matter of removing stress from your life by burning money.

2) Video game platforms… So there are two new players in the area: the PS3 with amazing hardware but terrible SDK; and the Wii with incredible new interaction modes, very simple SDK (at least according to a friend of mine that works in a game company), but graphics that are a little outdated. Who will win? Well, I guess my only hope is that Nintendo will still survive. I don’t really worry too much about the winner.

3) Digital cameras, accessories and image editing software. It’s quite amazing how much you can do with the current technology. In many cases you get to a point where there isn’t much more you can explain to people that you are improving, you just have to wait until people get tired of their cameras and then they will move on. And it does make a difference.

Alright, that’s what I had to talk about today. Time to reply to a couple of emails and try to get some sleep.

2 thoughts on “Snowy and Cold

  1. It’s never been this wetBy BRAD WONGP-I REPORTERRain City residents: Remember what you were doing back in December 1933? Because it has never been wetter. — ’til now.The National Weather Service has confirmed that November is officially the rainiest month in the Seattle area in at least 115 years. The weather service officially started collecting records in 1891.As of midnight, the amount of precipitation collected at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was 15.59 inches, according to the agency.That amount shatters the December 1933 record of 15.33 inches, which was collected at the Federal Building in Seattle.


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