Getting deeper

Some things just don’t want to die. Most of them are things that I knew that they wouldn’t die when I first said “yes” to them.

One of them is the great email system for B’nai B’rith Brasil. So it looks like it still has some issues, but might go finally online for the first time tomorrow. Still using my server to send out emails. It looks like their server is not very happy about being used to send mass quantities of emails. Anyway, what it all meant is that I still have to do PHP programming in my near future.

The next thing that doesn’t really die is my wish to sing in a choir. However, I did miss the opportunity this year (meaning until next September) because I didn’t act quickly enough to participate on any auditions. Surely the fact that I was in Brazil when most of them were taking place was a part of the reason. The other reason is that my bad experience with my previous choir kind of turned me off a little.

It’s not that I didn’t like singing there. Not at all! They are a great group of people, with a very detail-oriented conductor (something that I have been known to always look for in a conductor). However, there were two main issues: (1) I felt a little too young in that choir. It was a little hard to relate to people that are in yet another walk of life. (2) The publicity work having to deal with people that had very little time to devote to it having little time myself was just killing my perfectionist side and making me depressed.

So now I have to find a new way to get my mind off work (as if this is possible right now). Maybe I’ll finally finish my recipe reader. I just have to do some electronics work rereuting the touch screen to use the laptop battery. My issue right now is that I just don’t have the equipment to do electronics work (yes, I’m an electrical engineer, I know…). And I was just postponing spending money.

Ok, it’s getting late and I’m really getting tired. It’s been a common theme lately. Not a good sign thinking that next Monday is Yom Kippur: the time that I get to the synagogue at 8:30 am and only leave at 7:30 pm to finally go and eat and drink something. This is tiring!

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