A day of random thoughts

Today was one of those days that was difficult to concentrate on one thing. But instead of just getting confused I guess my brain decided to go wild and just spew crazy ideas everywhere. No, nothing really useful, but some interesting flashbacks. Here are some examples:

1) The food that brings me the most memories (not in quality, though) is fried eggs (sunny side up, if you want details). Why the memories? Well, I did eat it a lot my whole life, it was my father’s “dish to cook”, and it was a great way to gross out Stacy.

2) The food that brings me the best memories? That’s tough, but today I will have to say “chocolate cake with catchup”. No, I’ve never had it… And I’m funnier than Fernando’s fingertip, or something like that.

3) This is not really a thought, just a link: Web 2.0 Winners and Losers. It is interesting to see that Friendster is there as a loser simply because they weren’t able to scale exponentially like their client base and everybody escaped to MySpace (although that’s another loser). However, Orkut had also very big problems with scalability and still survived. Surely it has mostly only those crazy Brazilians that have this tendency of being very accepting of errors, but it was ridiculous how many times I got the message “No donut for you”

I was actually impressed that I’ve heard of all the sites and accessed most of them before reading the article. Maybe I’m more mainstream than I have thought.

4) The Jewish High Holidays start soon. Soon I’ll become that silly thoughtful person that keeps apologizing to people for simple things. Good that most of the High Holidays are during the weekend this year!

Alright. Time to get ready to go to sleep. I finally went to the gym today, do you believe in that? It’s probably been about 2 months that I haven’t set foot on that place, and before that another month or so! And things were still the same. The people seemed different, though.

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