Yes, I am alive – Part 1: the day of the weddings

So, I’m back after some time without writing much. I’ve been pretty busy here in Brazil. I’m not completely sure I won’t be more tired when I get back than I was when I got here, but we’ll see… For you to have an idea of how tiring it’s been, I’ll give you the example of Saturday, the day I had two weddings.

Well, but I can’t start it, without mentioning that on Friday evening I got a message from one of my best friends, another best man of the Saturday evening wedding, saying that they were going out on a bachelor party. So there I went… We got to his place at 11pm, he wasn’t ready yet… We left at about 11:30 pm and… well, I can’t really tell you what we did. What happened that evening will stay between the people that were involved in the evening. The only thing I’ll mention is that I arrived back home at about 4 am and then went to bed.

At 8:30 I woke up to get ready for my sister’s civil wedding. It was an interesting wedding with about 25 people. I was one of the witnesses (out of 5), so I had to do something besides just staying there (I had to sign my name once). It was a quick event and then we went back to my grandmother’s place for lunch. Very good food!

I arrived back home at about 4pm. 6:15 I’d have to leave to go to the other wedding, so there I went to change into the best men’s clothes and wait (my younger sister’s boyfriend was taking me there and I was first told that we were going to his place so that he would change before going to the wedding, but then my sister decided that she wasn’t feeling very well and was not going – both my sisters have a cold right now). At about 6:15pm I went to the wedding.

It was a wonderful wedding, but I won’t get into the details. Lots of fun, dancing, talking, enjoying seeing my friends and their families very happy. Also I was able to meet some old friends and to see people from their families that I’ve met last about 8 years ago. Some were VERY difficult to recognize, especially the younger ones (that are not that young any more).

But the result of it is that we’ve left at 5am and I got home at about 5:15am. Went to sleep, but at 10am I was up again to go with my parents to the farm. Not a lot of sleep again. I went to sleep at about 3 am and woke up again at 9 the next day (a lot of sleep comparatively). Went to sleep at about 2 am this morning and, for some reason I don’t quite understand, I woke up at 6:30.

Oh, well… What else can happen? Wedding tomorrow and then traveling to Rio early afternoon on Thursday? Nah…

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