Part 2: the dog down the tube

Just to tell one more story, so I’ve mentioned that on Sunday I went to the farm. On this trip, we took my sister’s dog, a very small furry dog. She loves running around in the grass there and barking at the other dogs (much bigger than her, but well restrained). Also she runs away from you in an amazing speed evey time you try to catch her.

Well, my father, about 15 minutes before we had to leave, decided to try to catch her. She ran really fast, turned and banged her head on the side of a water drainage tube. Suddenly she disappeared! I don’t know for what reason, but she suddenly decided to enter this tube!

Luckily it was the exit of the water drainage system, so the tube only went up. Also it was quite big, not enough to fit a person, but enough for her not to get stuck there. But I think she got scared and just froze in the middle of this tube, about 10 meters (~30 feet) from the entrance. She just wouldn’t leave, even calling her name, offering food, anything. After about 20 minutes of calling her, we’ve decided to start dumping water on the other side of the tube hoping that the water going down would scare her enough to make her get out.

10 more minutes passed of us throwing water down the tube and she finally left, all dirty and wet! It took us another 20 minutes to clean and dry her enough so that she could enter the car. Result: my parents were very late to an event they were going to attend and had to call and tell people that they weren’t going to make it. I was a little late to a dinner with some friends. But the dog is alright.

What a trip! But I took a lot of pictures. Not of the dog in the tube, because I didn’t want to scare her even more, but of interesting fruit trees, birds, and other animals. It was fun. I’m labeling the pictures right now and will eventually post a link to them here.

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