Article watch from Brazil: “Brazil: Still the Country of the Future”

I read an interesting article at The Wall Street Journal today (although the article is dated about a week ago) entitled “Brazil: Still the Country of the Future”.

It was a very negative article about Brazil, actually. Showing that the current government is clueless and it is going to win the elections again this year anyway. At least this government is not really harmful to the other countries in the world, only to Brazil’s future.

There is a lot to talk about this article, but I just wanted to quote the last paragraph:

“Such a myopic attitude toward markets, prices and investment illustrates what Brazilian entrepreneurs have come to recognize more broadly: that socialist Lula together with the Brazilian constitution enshrining the nanny state, spells four more years of mediocrity at best. For young, talented minds eager to create, innovate and profit, such a forecast makes even an enchanting city like this one a good place to be from.”

Scary, but maybe true.

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