Small things that make my day

Sometimes it’s strange how small details in a day can give you that extra energy to keep you moving. After a weekend of not-too-much-fun that actually ended well in a strict sense, I get this message from my best friend in Brazil (sorry, I have to quote him in Portuguese):

“Um grande abraço do seu eterno amigo e agora quase casado e muito feliz,”

What made me happy was not the “eterno amigo” part, but the end of it. They have been going through a very chaotic wedding process. Just for you to get an idea of the chaos, the bride was in the US for training for a whole month less than a month ago. Then she is going again to the US at the end of August and back on the 1st of September. On the 2nd they are getting married!

But he is happy, very happy. His email was a dual sign of being really busy, tired, but very excited and happy. The bad thing about being this far away from friends and family is that you lose track of how they are really doing. Even talking with my parents every week for at least an hour, I can’t say I know how they are doing. Lots of things could be going on that I just don’t know.

I’ll be there at the end on August, so I’ll have a better clue (hopefully)!

PS: Alright… Alright… The translation of the message: “A big hug of your eternal friend and now almost married and very happy,”

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