Tell me what you wish for and I’ll tell you who you are

The other day I was trying to find a present for a friend and decided to check if he had an Amazon Wish List. Well, I wasn’t able to find his wishlist, but I ended up looking through some very strange ones (like people looking for books on meditation, Kabbalah, Tarot, Puzzles, and classic literature). This made me get diverted into looking at random wishlists and trying to puzzle out who the person is. It was quite entertaining!

I could go on forever, so I’ll give you only a few examples (I have to go to work soon). Note, they are not complete wish lists, just a sample of what is there (a little biased). I have put in parentesis my crude classification of the subject:

Subject 1 (tv-watching, card-playing, nerd):
– McAfee AntiSpyware 2006 Version 2.0
– Star Wars The New Essential Chronology (Star Wars Library)
– Hands Free Card Holder (Set/2)
– Wolverine MVP-9060 60 GB Portable Storage and Multimedia Viewer
– Elongated Deluxe Soft Toilet Seat
– Idol Chatter: Best of American Idols, Season 3 (karaoke)

Subject 2 (educated, politically engaged):
– Strange Times, My Dear: The PEN Anthology of Contemporary Iranian Literature
– Finding Manana: A Memoir of a Cuban Exodus
– The Ethics of Identity
– Grey’s Anatomy – Season One
– Coupling – The Complete Seasons 1-4

Subject 3 (a person of history):
– Slaughterhouse: The Handbook of the Eastern Front
– Corvette Restoration Guide, 1968-1982 (Motorbooks Workshop)
– Seven (New Line Platinum Series)
– Rescued from the Reich: How One of Hitler’s Soldiers Saved the Lubavitcher Rebbe
– Auto Mechanics for the Complete Dummy
– Battle of Britain

I’ll give one more strange detail about these 3 subjects: all 3 have the same first and last names!

Anyway, time to go.

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