Grueling Sunday

I’ve been trying to post for some time now and I just can’t finish it. So today I’ve decided to keep it simple and just talk about my great hike yesterday to Surprise Lake.

It’s a great hike, with wonderful mountain views, waterfalls (not big ones, but a lot of small ones), creeks, and a cristal clear lake at the end of it. But it was HARD. We were in a group of 16 people and we took 2h 35min to go up (and when I say “up” I mean UP – we went up almost non-stop for all this time), stayed on the top having lunch and enjoying the view of the lake for a little over an hour and then took 2h 10min to go down. Total time for the trip: 6h 11min.

I was driving one of the cars, and this was another tiring experience. Especially because we were stuck in trafic on highway 2 for 40 minutes. And the trafic was there just because this highway goes through some small towns (with some strange names like Gold Bar and Startup) and everybody has to stop on lights.

When I got home I couldn’t almost walk from my car to my apartment. It was exciting! But today I feel better.

Soon I’ll have the pictures up and will post a link to them.

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