Another long winter

And I’m back to write something and prove that I’m still alive… Somehow, at least.

I’ve been busy and tired lately. So tired that sometimes I even start fights with people without really realizing it. But everything has calmed down a little this weekend.

The problem of taking this long to post anything is that I have some intereting things to talk about, but those are going to take a lot of time, so I’ll have to keep the post to the secondary subjects.

1) The gay parade in Sao Paulo just broke a record of the largest parade in the world with about 2.2 million people. But what makes this news interesting is not that, it is that they are sad because it didn’t break the record set by another parade last thrusday: the March for Jesus that also happened in Sao Paulo in the same area. [source – in Portuguese]

2) I’ve been reading “The Wheel of Time” series, by Robert Jordan. It’s a very famous series that I have always kind of ignored. I have never been a big fan of fantasy stories, to tell you the truth. But actually I’m happy with this series. Quite interesting setup of events and complications within complications. I’m just starting book 7 right now, A Crown of Swords. Some people claim that this is the beginning of the REALLY SLOW part of the series. I’ll see…

One weird thing about it is that I have talked with my former roommate today and he is actually reading the same series! And is approximately at the same place I am right now! Quite a coincidence.

3) It’s weird to read in the bottle of a mouthwash: “Do not use if cap seal is broken”. How are you supposed to use it if you don’t break the seal?

I guess that’s the time I had. I’ll maybe try to write some more in the next few days. Tomorrow I have a wedding to go. A wedding that will make me miss half of the Brazil World Cup game. I’m not a big fan of world cup as some of you might know, but it was the only weekend game until potentially the final and I wanted to organize a soccer watching party. Too bad…

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