When posting does not happen

It’s something like the 4th time that I’m trying to post since last time I actually finished it. It’s either that I forget about it and close the browser, or the browser decides to crash and I can’t finish it. Quite astounding!

Anyway, I’m back after a long time to say that I’m alive. Time is flying, I’m close to getting older, and I wished I could say that a lot has changed. Unfortunately life has been quite the same, only more hectic in the last weeks.

Last weekend I had a choir concert and before that I was fighting with some people in choir to get things done. I didn’t have much time to devote to getting all the things for the concert done, and the people that were helping me didn’t really make matters any easier. Let’s say that until the last day I didn’t know what was going to happen with the program for the concert.

But in the end I did find some people that were willing to help, including Amy, and everything worked out fine. It was a nice concert, sad that I was in the beginning on my cold, that still hasn’t gone (most probably a side effect of all the stress to get the things for the concert done).

This cold has been quite interesting if you ask me. It started with a terrible stiff neck. This started on Saturday afternoon and is still around, but much better. On Tuesday the dry and sore throat started. On Wednesday it was the runny nose and last night the cough.

Anyway, that’s not part of the interesting things I want to talk about. I’ll finish this post here so that I would have at least posted something and leave the more complex posts for later. There is a good change I won’t finish them tonight.

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