Even if I haven’t been blogging much lately, I have to blog this:

The Time Is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Ingenious observation! I think I’ll stay up just to enjoy the moment! Of course that my headache might change the plans, but we’ll see.

Besides this strange fact, not much to talk about. Daylight savings time is here and everything is so bright until so late… It’s weird! And it will only get worse. At the height of summer here, the sunset is at about 10 pm.

I’ve been busy, trying to reorganize my life here and put some things behind me, but I haven’t been able to complete the whole operation yet. There are some things that I just can’t find energy to finish, like my father’s project. I start working on it and when I see, I’m reading about JDM (Java Data Mining), Barnes & Noble’s rejection of Sony’s eBook reader (something that it looks like Amazon and Borders are hoping that will get some more traction on the books business), reading how people can waste time and not really realize it (not really reading it, just realizing it).

Anyway, I’ve been tired and a little stressed. This last weekend was just something to increase in my level of stress instead of relaxing. On Saturday I spent a lot of time digging out ivy at Golden Gardens Park. Then the rest of the day I did laundry and tried to relax a little. It was quite tiring! Then on Sunday I had two choir “pre-concerts”. We went to a library and then a bookstore to advertise about the choir and our upcoming concert. I thought it was quite a waste of time. Surely there were people there, but I don’t think there were enought people to really make a difference.

The choir I used to sing with in Brazil had a lot of those events. Singing in short events just to see if people would care enough about the choir. And it never really worked. In many times it seemed like we were not really welcome there. The conductor’s theory that it also helped for us to get used to presenting had some merit. But after some time it made no difference at all. The current choir I’m singing, people have years of singing experience. I don’t think they need to worry about “how to present”. But, hey, who am I to say anything, anyway?

Alright. Time to move onto something else. Maybe I’ll get some work done finally…

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