Busy. Busy as always

That’s what I’ve been hiding behind lately. The fact that I’ve been quite and weirdly busy. What is weird about it, you might ask, and I say that it’s not that I’ve been working until late at night and weekends… But it’s also that I have been working late at night and weekends.

Contradictory, huh? Surely!

But I’ll leave it as a contradiction and move on to more details on what is going around in the world.

CNet has an interesting article saying that one of the reasons why Linux hasn’t been adopted as much as it could is the dress code that tends to follow it. It is quite scary that I do know a quite a few people that look just like that at Amazon.

So, why does dress code still influences things that much? Well, I don’t know why it wouldn’t. Dress code means two things: importance and tradition. You wouldn’t wear something that is less confortable if you don’t think it’s important. And it all ties back to what it used to be done in the past and should be rememebered.

Anyway, I’m not being able to make much sense this morning, so I’ll move on to the next piece of news:

This is indirectly from a silly book I’ve found around (but don’t own) called Blogosphere: Best of Blogs that, as the title explains, contains a list of “best blogs” in different categories. Of course it suffers with the same effect (if not greater) than lists of best websites: it goes stale quickly. So some blogs don’t exist any more, some haven’t seen a post for some months, and a coupld even changed subject a little.

Oh, yes, the article:

Kansas is keeping their nuclear power plants safe. These terrorism-inspired reactions always amaze me every time I see them. People pile rules in order to make people feel safer, but it only ends up causing confusion and, later, legal disputes (no, he wasn’t heading to the plant when he was shot… the pack that he had on his hand was a shoe box…).

Alright, I know I’ll never make it to the list of the best blogs out there. Maybe when my new blog is ready (hahaha – think something like one year from now! I can’t even have enough time and energy to finish a reasonably simple project for my father!) I might start to get a little bit more activity around here. I have big plans for it. But, again, I always have big plans for everything. Even the laptop that is taken apart and sitting on my desk (and partly lying on the floor) right now.

And I have to note here that certainly the highlight of this last weekend (wow, it’s Wednesday already???) was being able to talk with my best friend and his fiancee using Skype. Made my otherwise quite crappy weekend.

I’ve also received messages from my sister that works at American Express in Brazil. AE Brazil was sold to the largest bank there, Bradesco, and people are trying to flee, my sister included. One of the ideas that she has in mind is to continue at AE, but move to the US, New York City to be more precise. I don’t think my mother will be very happy with that! But It’s just in the wishing and planning phases right now.

Oh, and on a sad note: no solar eclipse around here.

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