An interesting article

Just because Kevin Kelly has been everywhere I’ve been looking lately (more on this some other time), here is his latest slashdotted article:


I think he has some interesting points. However, I think most of the things are a little too hopeful and naive. For example:

The creation of “wiki-type scientific articles” is a little silly. Very few scientific articles actually would benefit from a wiki style mechanism. Most are just self-contained. I think what has to change is the delay for you to add small comments to an article. It’s easier to keep up with authorship (and blame) and allows you to organize information in an easier way than a huge 100 people article.

There are lots of other things I think are a little too far-fetched. Unfortunately, I won’t give me that much time to comment on it right now. Maybe some other day when I don’t feel too guilty that I haven’t finished working on everything I need to work today.

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