Learning to sleep

I think I forgot what it means to go to sleep. It’s not that I don’t sleep, it’s just that I don’t really want to sleep any more. It’s not that this is something new, it’s just that it has been bothering me lately. I get home tired of spending a whole day refactoring other people’s code to enable unit tests (more on this some other time). I get to my computer to check my emails and then just rathole into reading papers, studying new technologies, checking the news… When I look again to the watch it’s past 2am. In the morning I just jump out of the bed and get moving. My body is tired, but I just don’t want to waste time (even though I have been getting late to work, as I’ve been just doing random things at home in the morning, like doing the dishes and cleaning)

In general, lately I’ve been busy. Lots of things to do and think. And what worries me the most is that things are starting to pile up and I just can’t get to finish any of the things I have to do!

Tomorrow I’m going to Colorado Springs, Colorado to meet some friends. My former roommate moved there and another very good friend was going to visit his, so I decided to tag along. But I think I mentioned this already in the past. The plan there? Talk, entertain girlfriends/wifes, visit and just take my mind ouf the the things I have to think about lately. Try to restore my sanity a little.

Oh, last weekend I bought one more missing part for my recipe reader project: a new wireless router. My old one (my cable modem) is only 802.11g compatible, but my cheap laptop has an 802.11b wireless card. Also my PDA didn’t like to connect to the network that much either. It would work sometimes, but most of the time it simply wouldn’t be able to get an IP address. Now it works perfectly!

Anyway, step by step I’m getting there!

Now it’s time to have breakfast and head to work!

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