A weekend of deep work

That’s what I’m doing this weekend. But I’m actually having fun, because things are actually working, except something very silly like the connection between my laptop and my linux desktop (my server). It works after I disabled all the firewalls on the server, but it is SLOW, very slow… Not completely sure what is going on…

But now for the more interesting things: it is confirmed that I will be going to Colorado to get together with some friends in two weekends! It’s going to be fun! But nothing comes without weird coincidences, right? Well, we are all going with our “significant others”. Two of the “significant others” are called “Maya” and one is “Amy”. Note that all the names have only three letters: A, M and Y. Just weird.

On another completely unrelated note, today I’ve received my touch screen glass. Very neat, although being a little bit bigger than I was expecting. I tried to plug into my $200 laptop, installed all the software, but it didn’t work for some reason. I’ll leave it for some other time to figure out why. But it’s exciting that I have almost all components for me to start working on my recipe reader project.

The rest of life has been quite the same.

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