Randomly saying something

I’m back.. So what’s going on here? Well, a lot of things, but nothing really that exciting to write about. Yesterday I went to a Superbowl party just to see the local team, the Seahawks, lose. Everybody was a little sad, but it’s not that I was paying too much attention to the game anyway. There were about 65 people in a house that perhaps could accomodate 40. Fun anyway! Oh, and the highlight of the party was that one guy proposed to his now fiancée during half time! No, it’s not that they love football and felt that this was a great opportunity to get engaged. It’s more like they’ve met in this same party for last year’s Superbowl and thought this was an important day in their lives.

Another thing I did this weekend, besides my normal cleaning process, was playing around with my new toy: Canon EOS-D20 SLR Camera. I’m still in awe with what it can do… It would have been a little better if the weather on Saturday hadn’t been so bad.

I’ve also been sadly following all the rage about the Mohammed’s cartoons. A sad, sad moment in the history of freedom of speech and tolerance. I found this article on the Financial Times quite interesting to show what acutually happened: Timeline: How the cartoon crisis unfolded. Sure, like all news, it will probably be outdated by tomorrow, but…

Finally, to finish this post on a positive note, Wired finally published their famous “Vaporware Awards”. There are some very interesting ones there, but I can’t say that I’ve seen any earthshattering technologies that were never released. Just modifications on the same theme over and over.

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