Time flies and life remains

sorry for the absence, but it’s been busy times. I’ve been working a little hard to get a project out of the door, and this is not only taking most of my time, but most of my energy to do anything else. But things are nearing conclusion and I have even forced myself to stay this weekend without working. The only interesting thing of it is that anytime I sit down or lay down to rest, work keeps popping to my mind. Nothing really bad, just ideas that I have, or lists of things to do. I’ve been dreaming and breathing work lately, so it’s expected. It’s been fun, nevertheless, but I’ll be glad when it’s over.

Nothing much else is going on. Besides this strange thing that I saw on Amazon today:

I was just trying to buy some stuff and then suddenly I look at my dangerous Amazon Prime “1-click shopping” buttons on the top of my screen and read the following: Get it Tuesday, January 31st – Overnight; Get it Saturday, December 31st – Two-day.

Then I was shocked: had somebody at Amazon invented a time machine? December 31st, 2005 was a Saturday and it won’t fall on a Saturday again until 2011! So they must me talking about last December, right? Anyway, shopping at Amazon when you work there sometimes is so painful. On Monday I have to figure out who is responsible for this page and let them know. I know some people that work on Prime, but I’m not sure it’s their piece of the system.

Anyway, I have to go back to doing nothing here. Yea, right… Doing nothing. I was cleaning and have been cooking a lot this weekend.

Decided to buy a bread machine yesterday and so far I haven’t been impressed. I’ve set it to prepare bread overnight so that I would have fresh bread at 8:30 am today… Making the bread I’ve set up was going to take 3 1/2 hours approximately. At 6:30 am I was up and decided to check on the bread. When I got there it was a half mixture, far from homogeneous as you would expect.

I restarted the program and saw what happened. For some reason the whole bread dough ball had stuck higher up on the cooking bowl and the mixing paddle couldn’t reach it. I mixed it all by hand and restarted it all, so the bread was only ready around 10 am. It has to cool down for 30 minutes before eating so, at 10:30, after alreayd having had breakfast, I tried the bread. And it was a little too dense for my taste.

I won’t give up just yet… I’ll believe that there was something wrong with the recipe or the weather, and will try something new one of these days.

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