Close to madness

No, that’s not really me, but I just didn’t know what to write in the title.

Life is going alright here. Been really busy lately, with a lot of late nighters working on work-related things and on the program for the choir concert this Saturday. Me, as a “yes” guy decided to help out and suddenly I had just too much work to do. But it was done and not it’s with the printer. I’m not sure if I’m excited about this concert or not. The music is quite interesting, but I guess I’ve been so tired lately that my feelings are simply numb. And, hey, I’m not complaining.

Now for a view of the world out there:

* Real-state in downtown Bellevue is going quite crazy! There is a new mall that just opened about 3 weeks ago, they have plans of another one in a couple of years and there are two new apartment complexes also being built right now. One of them in place of a half-finished structure that has been around here for many years (I can only attest for one year of these many).

* Christmas is coming and with it some terrible music. Worse is that I live 2 1/2 blocks from a mall and from time to time they blast the music so loud that I can hear it from my apartment with all windows and doors closed.

* This is a little old, but some people might have missed it: Kansas now allows schools to teach about “intelligent design”. At the same time, the Vatican says that evolutions does not contradict the bible.

* This is also a little outdated, but there is this interesting note about Tamiflu: Suicides raise fears over Tamiflu. If they distribute Tamiflu for all US citizens… Well, I don’t think it will change anything! 🙂 Actually this article reminds me how weird our brain really is – how some things might cause very strange reactions to the way we deal with the world.

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