Geek, me???

I’ve received a worisome email the other day suggesting that I was getting geekier and that this was a bad thing.

I first have to say that I do agree that it is mostly a bad thing. But being a geek has its advantages too: it keeps you busy and happy. But I won’t say that I’m that much of a geek yet. I still go to choir, I still study music, even compose, go to concerts, cook, enjoy reading non-geeky novels (although I have to admit that most of the latest books I’ve read were very geeky), I go out do non-geeky stuff, like… Like… I don’t know, what is there to do out there that you wouldn’t consider geeky? Hiking is getting more difficult because of the weather, going out to restaurants is something I have been doing lately, but it’s not non-geeky. I haven’t been able to watch movies, because my free time does not match with anybody else’s. Oh, well… I try.

But I think the major problem is that lately I have been quite busy with work. It has been invading my mind every minute. Just lots of things to do! Lots of interesting things to do, and that’s the major problem. But I keep on being busy and trying not to be called a geek too often.

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