Such a tiny world

There are a lot of things to post about, but I think I won’t have enough time to get to them anytime soon. So, I’ll just leave you with this very strange observation that I’ve made last week and has just been stressed even more today:

I was at the gym last week and suddenly, besides me, there was a guy with an OU t-shirt! OU meaning the University of Oklahoma, the other university in Oklahoma (the famous one, because they have a better football team, the Sooners). He was busy working out so I decided not no bother him with this coincidence.

So today I was opening my computer, trying to look at emails and work. Well, my internet wasn’t working, so I decided to check if I was connected to the right wireless network. When I looked at the list of available wireless networks what do I see? A network named “OU_Sooners”. As Robin would say: “Holy coincidence, Batman”.

Hope everybody is having a good week there. Mine has been quite busy. Just having fun with JavaServer Faces and building something much bigger than I should be building. I probably should just give up right now and get some sleep.

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