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This is my first post trying to use ecto combined with NetNewsWire. ecto is a weblogging client that is actually paid. I’m using their 20 day trial right now. NetNewsWire is an RSS reader. What I can do is look at a news article and click on “Post to Weblog” and this is what I get:

ongoing · Wikipedia Notes:
Wikipedia Notes
This week I had a pleasant, relaxed, sit-down conversation with Jimmy Wales, the main man behind the Wikipedia. The purpose of this note is to pass along some interesting facts about the project that I hadn’t previously known. This is timely in that there has been a recent flare-up of the usual Wikipedia controversies, with mostly the same old players flinging the same old slime; those who care might want to revisit my essay from last year, which takes a careful look at the project as contrasted to the world of conventional reference publishing. I stand by my conclusion: the Wikipedia dwarfs its critics. The rest of this piece is just a recitation of facts, but some of them are surprising. [Update: PHP@Yahoo!]


It is actually interesting as a concept, because it makes passing on links much easier. At the same time it is just forwarding information and not really helping you create something new (and don’t talk to me about creating something new, because I always have hundreds of ideas inside my mind, some using weblogs, but I never get time to actually develop them… Who knows one day I might…).

Anyway, just logging technology accomplishments!

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