It’s been another while that I don’t post. I’m sorry for it. Life has been just quite hectic for me! When I get home in time not to just go to bed, I am so tired that I can’t really do any writing. At the same time, there isn’t much to talk about in the personal front. Life has been quite the same. Today I had another round of volunteering for GambiaHELP, an interesting organization that helps some Gambia communities. We did book sorting, separating children’s, middle school, high school and college books. I had flashbacks from when I worked at the Amazon fulfilment center, looking at the quality of the books that people have bought and donated.

This weekend Amy is in California for homecoming, so I’ll be home having fun with my personal projects. I’ve worked a little too much last week (including Thursday to Friday when I pretty much was only able to sleep for two blocks of 2 hours to get everything done for an urgent change that was going live on Friday), so I decided that I won’t work this weekend. At least not directly; I might do some studying for things that are related to work.

There are a couple of news that I found interesting and wanted to share and enrich people’s life (as I can’t do that by myself):

UK Female Sci-Fi Viewers Now Outnumber Males – This is a little depressing, actually, for two reasons: first the reason for it is the popularity of Buffy, Lara Croft and Xena. There are so many better things to watch! The second is that if these shows made the difference it means that the better things are watched very little! Quite sad.

‘Splogs’ Roil Web, and Some Blame Google – This article is not that interesting per se, but I liked it just because it continues to show how much Google influences the web. Its behavior (and misbehavior) define how professional web developers (spammers are pretty much the definition of it) deal with the web. Amazing power!

Alright, time to go and have some time for myself. I’ll stay away from birds and enjoy it.

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