Still alive and busy

That’s all what my life has been lately: just busy and quite confusing. At the same time that a lot of things are starting to get in control, I have this tendency of getting into these cycles of “useless” creativity in which I have a lot if ideas, but I just can’t seem to get any of them out of the ground really. I start on something and then I move to something else and so on. Let me list you some of the projects that I’m working right now:

a) Reviewing a paper I’m coauthoring
b) Building a dirt-protected wireless terminal for following recipes in the kitchen
c) Keeping track of my finances
d) Planning for investment
e) Continuing my research with a couple of analysis I want to make on product extraction from the web
f) Making my printer work under my Mac
g) Going back to the gym (I was sick last week so I had to stay at home – this week I just haven’t had time yet)

And this is just a very simplified list that doesn’t include any of the projects I’m doing at work.

One thing though that I’m enjoying right now, in the lines of (d), I have downloaded an RSS reader for my palm and now every morning I go, synch my palm and I get all the news to read in the bus! Very convenient and, more importantly, paper-free! I’m getting there, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, where our world is free from this terrible paper thing.

There are a lot of things that are going on in this world. For example, Amazon stocks went down today because we had another quarter of lower revenue. This time it was due to a patent lawsuit that snatched $40 million and greater operation expenses. The company is certainly still growing, getting more and more market share, but the cost is always great. I’m excited with what is coming up in the future (no real secret projects that I know of, though – I don’t hang out with these secret project people), but always a little worried as I’m a stock holder.

The other thing that is making a lot of people think is the Google Base: a free database service offered by Google. No, it’s not available yet, but there are enough discussion about it already. People think that if Google can pull this off, it will bite a huge market share from eBay and eBay-likes (such as Craig’s List), because it would be free and would have the Google seal.

I hope that the project actually works. Not that I want eBay to die, on the contrary! I like eBay, but I think that an open scalable generic database can do so much! Once it’s out there, I can play around with some of the infinite ideas that are going through my mind and let you know what happens. I just have to find time… Find time without forcing myself to disappear even more.

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