Turning on the login requirement for comments

Dear commenters,

I’m sorry to announce that right now in order for you to post comments on my blog, you have to be registered. The reason for that is that lately blog spams have been pretty active. Most probably it is a direct consequence from the “wonderful” blog search that Google added.

I’m sure this is not a perfect solution, because I have been spammed in the past by registered users, but I’m sure it helps. If registered users spam me, I can always send and email back to Blogger telling them to cancel that user’s account, or something like that. Anonymous users are untouchable.

So what if you want to be anonymous when you post something? Well, just create an anonymous account! I don’t want to have a negative effect on the amount of comments I receive because of that. Yes, I am aware that I don’t write pretty much anything that people would be even marginally interested in commenting on, but who knows if one day I will learn again how to blog interesting things… But first I will have to relearn how to actually blog, because this has been a quite rare event in the past many months.

Anyway, time to go to work. It is interesting what happens when I wake up early and get ready quickly… I find other things to do, like looking at a friend’s wedding pictures (second friend that got married in the last week) and playing around with Opera and having crazy ideas of a new “secret project”…

One thought on “Turning on the login requirement for comments

  1. Hi…. don’t consider my blog name, it’s an illusion, I am annonymous!!! (lol) Well, I just wanted to comment that you don’t make any comments yourself in your friend’s bloggers… (lol)Take care! Bye


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