Ah… Giants fail all the time…

I was looking around for news as I try to do in the morning, and, when looking at Google News I found the following articles grouped together under the “Health” section (the most terrible at Google News):

U of I: Student body growing
More dead birds in county testing positive for West Nile
2 more county residents confirmed with West Nile

Why do they still bother with all these silly mistakes? And they keep hiding behind this ridiculous “Beta” stage, where they will probably stay for the rest of its existance…

Yes, Google wants to take over the world, but they will never get anywhere that worries me if they still only create betas and never actually continue growing their beta systems (ok, Google Maps is still growing).

I know I still haven’t left. It’s just that I get caught with these thousands of ideas that go through my mind and I had to continue reseaching… It’s an addiction!

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