Sometimes blogger makes life harder

Free time has been rare lately and twice trying to post and not getting Blogger to do the posting makes life harder. Sure you can claim that it was all because I took 3 hours to finish each of my previous posts, but, hey, the system has to get used to my posting style, not the opposite! šŸ™‚

Anyway, not too much to talk about. I’ve been busy, but surviving. Work is starting to let me get back home earlier, and also choir has been keeping me positive as for doing things besides work. My TO-DO list keeps growing and this does worry me and put me on a bad mood from time to time, but it’s how life goes, I guess.

Today I went out to see if I could find a new apartment/house to live in. I’ve visited a quite interesting house. Hardwood floors in most of the place (that is pretty much the sole reason I’m thinking of moving – hardwood floors are more allergy-friendly than carpet, and I’ve had some pretty bad days in the past), a very nice backyard, a reasonable kitchen (not that great, but not worse than my current one), and not too big so that I don’t have to spend more time cleaning. There are only two downsides: the rooms have different sizes, so my furniture does not fit as well as I had it fitting my current apartment; and it’s a house and potentially it requires more maintenance (and taking care of the lawn, although I can add this maintenance to my rent).

Oh, and there is one more important downside to moving in general: taking my very heavy furniture from one place to another!

Anyway, the other thing I had to talk about was about how the world is close to a very important change. Mostly economic, but big changes in economy sometimes cause political changes with it. I’ll get into more of that some other day.

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