The un-blogger

I haven’t been blogging much, because I have been going through an un-blogging moment, the time that you feel that everything you say will be used against you in the future, so it’s better not to say much.

Some of the things are not really my fault, but surely most of them are. But I’ll go through the things that are not my fault, like the front page of the Seattle Times on Wednesday: “25 relatives are coming – Olympia family scrambles to make room for sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews”

Surely it’s a neat story about what is going on with people after the great Katrina, but this story making to first page headlines… This is a little too too much, it’s beyond too much. What is wrong with people’s priorities???

You can think that this is just the US newspapers that are wrong, right? Of course this is wrong. I opened today the “Estadao” and what did I find on the first headlines? A picture of Gisele Bündchen full of tatoos and the title: tomorrow she will be wearing only tatoos for sandal comercials [source – in Portuguese]. It just makes my life much harder to see where this world is going. Then people claim that I should watch more TV and play more video-game.

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