There is so many things to talk about that I’ll probably won’t write much.

Sao Paulo is a great city. A living entity that is always moving, always changing, but not really evolving. It’s growing, eating things, but the problems are still there and only get worse. Today, for example, I was listening to the news and they mentioned that there are 120 cars are stolen violently, i.e. using guns or other weapons, EVERY DAY in Sao Paulo! My sister’s fiance was robbed of his cellphone, money and briefcase by a guy on a motorcycle the other day. This guy pointed a gun to him (although later he got the impression that the gun was a fake) and asked for everything. As easy as that. When he went to the police to tell what happened, the police officer said that there are about 20 of these A DAY in that region!

So violence is still here. Traffic is still here! Especially on Fridays when people try to get home earlier (and end up just leaving work earlier but probably getting home at the same time as always).

Happy people are still around too! Despite all the chaos in politics as I mentioned before, people are still hopeful of the future. They still think that things can get better and only need time to fix. So they go out, have fun, stay out until late at night and go to work as always on the following day (having a lot of coffee!)

Changing subject a little, my father went to a lecture this morning with an economist and this economist mentioned how worried he is about the world economy. One of the most interesting point he made was the real state bubble going on everywhere in the US (except from the midwest – but the money isn’t in the midwest anyway). Houses and apartments are just ridiculously expensive and all the money that is driving this spike in prices is generated by other countries investing in the US, and not by the US that is way deep in deficit.

I’m a little bit more optimistic than this guy (although he is a professional and I’m just a very naive and uneducated guy). He thinks that everything is going to burst in less than an year and we will go down into depression again. I don’t quite think that depression is that easy to get. The economy is much more stable right now to go through such a quick depression! But I’ll have to wait and see…

I guess that’s all I’m going to talk about right now. I was going to discuss some business opportunities I see around here, but I’ll leave this for another day.

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