Another eternal fight

Just to wander a little bit away from the last topics, here is an article that I found quite intriguing. (I’m trying not to sleep too much tonight, so I’m doing many things to keep me awake and one of this pointed me to the article)

Homeopathy’s benefit questioned

It is an old fight, as old as the creation of homeopathy. The concept behind this type of treatment is very odd… Imagine getting something that gives you the same symptoms of what you are feeling and dillute it to a level that the chances that you will injest a molecule of the thing is quite small. Scientifically, why would this work?

I’ve used homeopathy in the past and I don’t know if it really worked. It is always hard to separate what our own antibodies are doing from what the medication is doing. My conclusion: do what makes you happier. The least stress you are going through while you are sick, the quicker your body will react to it and make you feel better. Never use a medication you don’t believe, but do believe in medicine! Thousands of years of research must have brought us something good.

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