Getting lost in the chaos of the last week

The last week of my vacation arrived very quickly and now I’m a little lost on what I should do. I’m trying to organize to meet with some friends that I haven’t met yet (because they were either traveling, or they don’t answer emails and I lost their phone numbers when my PDA died, or because of mutual lazyness). The thing is that things end up happening in spikes of activity. One day nobody can do anything, the other everybody is free, but I can’t take a person to dinner at the same time that I go to a choir rehearsal or have to meet somebody that lives and works in the other side of the city (just for the people that don’t know Sao Paulo very well, the other side of the city does not mean 30 minutes from here, or 10 if you live in Stillwater, but it can mean anything from 1 to 3 hours away).

So, right now I’m home. My mother is asleep. I went to my father’s company for a visit and had lunch in a really great fish place. I felt bad that I had forgotten to take my camera with me! The restaurant was very typical: a large area with simple tables. Around the place you had a small town by the dam surrounded by trees (very unlike Sao Paulo – I was not in Sao Paulo, by the way). The food was simple and delicious.

Then I went shopping with my mother. She had to buy a wedding gift, but she went away empty-handed. Then we drove back home. Tonight I have a work discussion with my father then dinner with some friends at 10 pm.

Tomorrow I’m going out with friends in the morning, early afternoon, mid-afternoon and then trying to drop by the choir to say hi to people. Thursday I’ll do some touristy stuff around Sao Paulo with my sister and in the evening I’m tying to meet some friends for a pizza dinner. On Friday I’m going to go to a “churrascaria” with my other sister. Friday evening I think family is coming here for Shabbat dinner and Saturday I’m packing, buying some gifts and some stuff for me and catching the plane in the evening. In other words, it’s going to be very busy last days here.

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