Double or tripple argh

Today I’m starting to realize how many things I still have to do, even when I finish my big project tomorrow. One of them is a paper that I have to rewrite and has been looking at me for just too long. The problem is that I arrive home very late and I just don’t have the patience to write papers. It is an important paper that I have to finish writing, but it’s just that it’s not that easy any more.

More things that I’m argh’ing about: I still haven’t had time to go to the gym this week, since Monday! Just working until so late that I just feel that going to the gym right now will be more harmful than healthy. So I stay home, have a better dinner (or no dinner, like today) and go to bed… Or sometimes come to my computer and continue working…

Anyway, new argh? Well, I still have a ton of things to buy before I go to Brazil. Not too many requests from my family and friends, just things that I think I should take. So that means more time spent on doing other things except finishing this ridiculous paper! Grrrr!

Alright, no more ranting. Time to go to sleep!

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