More technology

Why do I think this is wrong?

The Jewish Watch

It seems like a good and useful piece of technology, actually. Here are the features:

The Jewish Watch Alerts you with messages during the following times:

* The time for reciting the Shema
* Sunset
* Candle lighting time on Erev Shabbat (It also rings 15 minutes in advance as a reminder)
* The beginning of each Hebrew Calendar month.
* The Shabbat of blessing the new month.
* A reminder to add the additions to prayer on Hanukah and Purim
* A reminder to add the additions to prayer on Chol Hamoed
* The count for the Omer.
* The Torah Portion of the week (with a choice of setting for Israel or the Diaspora)

Seems reasonable for some people, right? Well, I think I’m just too conservative in this area and think technology just shouldn’t invade some things. Imagine that in the past it was forbidden to write down anything: services, rules… Then they decided that people didn’t have enough memory to remember it all and we were losing traditions, so they set out to write it all (this was about 1800 years ago). Natural evolution… Natural evolution…

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