Amazon’s 10th anniversary party

I know there isn’t much I can talk about this interesting event I went to yesterday, because it was free for everybody to see through the web, but I can go through some of the things that I’ve learned:

– Amazon has lots of employees! Only employees were allowed to go to the event (and some invited VIP, but no families or friends) and the line to get in before the event started went almost completely around the block! There were about 2500 people in the concert hall.

– Benaroya is not made for big and loud concerts! First it was strange to see the hall with big speakers and microphones, but when it got to using them, concert halls have a lot of reverberation and when you put loud music with a lot of reverberation what you get is garbled music. If it was difficult to understand Bob Dylan (more on this later) on a clean CD, it was impossible to understand anything he was saying there.

– Bob Dylan is not supposed to sing any more! I should have been more prepared for it when one of my co-workers (or I should say former co-workers, because he left the company on Friday) said that he was not planning on going to the concert because he saw Bob Dylan in 1977 and didn’t like him too much back then… 1977! Almost 30 years ago! But I have to say that his troupe was pretty good.

It was interesting, overall, as I mentioned before. Now back to the reality of cleaning my apartment (something that is a week overdue, because I was working the whole weekend last week).

Oh, and I watched “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” on Friday. There were some funny parts, I have to admit, but overall it is as bad as the original movie. The plot was too childish, while the content was sometimes a little deep for a child. I’ve heard lots of people saying that they enjoyed the movie, but I have to say that I don’t enter this list of people.

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