Why again?

Please tell me why are we back to this:

Americans: U.S. Transit Attack Inevitable

New York police to warn public on suicide bombers

Don’t we have enough terrorism in the world?

And on another laughable story (very sad, but it’s better to laugh than to cry): the shuttle launch is delayed AGAIN. NASA, the great space agency of the world, just can’t find good electronics any more! Oh, well… They have until the end of this month to figure something out! If hurricanes don’t get in the way, I’m hopeful that they will make it.

But why go to space, people usually ask? Don’t we have enough problems in our own world to deal with? We surely do! But this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t develop this kind of technology. There are a lot of things that come with this development. In the computer and electronics world, we gain, for instance, much more robust components, because the electromagnetic radiation out in the space is very harsh.

A lot of numeric methods were developed to deal with the complicated gravitation and orbit calculations that are required to operate space systems. And without the space movement, we wouldn’t have a very well developed satellite technology, and I can’t imagine what would be worldwide communication without satellites.

Anyway, I should really be having dinner and heading to bed. I just got home from the gym (and then I stopped by the grocery store to buy breakfast for tomorrow). I need a shower too!

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