Still at work

Yes, I keep on doing it! And today I’m still going to go to the gym, something I haven’t done since Saturday, since the day I think I overdid a little and got hurt. But today I’m feeling almost 100%, so I’ll try to exercise a little, knowing that I should take it easy not to get hurt again. It was not fun to almost not be able to get out of bed on Tuesday. Interesting though that I felt alright on Sunday, but then Monday came and things started to get worse. Tuesday was the worst day! Then on Wednesday I was already almost 80%.

Not much else to report, though. I’m a little confused on when I will schedule my big Ph.D. party in Brazil. I have people with completely contradictory schedules that I just don’t know how to accomodate. But I’ll figure something out! Maybe I’ll do it one day before I come back here, so that I won’t sleep and will be able to sleep on the plane coming back.

Alright, back to work here, hoping that I’ll be able to catch the bus soon.

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