Finally a scheduled trip to Brazil

Oh… Brazil… Friends, parties, relaxing without having to think about cleaning my apartment or going to work. That’s what is coming up soon! Today I finally set the dates: I’ll be arriving on a Friday, August 12, having my sister’s engagement party on the 13th, family father’s day on the 14th, visa interview on the 15th and then starts the plans for my big Ph.D. bash! If you live in Brazil, be ready to be invited for this big event! It should happen probably on the 20th (if I get a 100% confirmation with my sister that she is not postponing her party to the 20th) and if my friends still remember me, it should have as many people as I can invite. It is going to be hard to come back (something that will happen on the 27th), but that’s life. We keep on living and when you least notice things turned around again.

Now I just have to start planning on the gifts I’m taking to Brazil and bag size…

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