Good literature…

I have realized that it’s been some time that I don’t read good literature and this is pretty sad. I’ve been reading very interesting stories, exciting ideas, but no deep writing… This changed when I decided to go back to a book I have been trying to finish for a long time: “The best 100 Brazilian Short Stories of the Century” (in Portuguese, of course). It is refreshing to read psychological master pieces written by amazing writers, such as Lygia Fagundes Telles.

It is actually interesting to see that Brazilian literature is fundamentally very different from American literature when it comes to complex short stories. I have researched in this area of the American literature and their goal is completely different. While Brazilian good literature is dense and contains very complex structure of ideas, the American literature is much more towards evoking thought through much more direct discourse.

Now that I’ve finally finished reading this very heavy tome of amazing stories, I have decided that I should go and continue my research into the realm of short stories and see if I can find any parallels in other cultures.

Well, besides that, I’m back from San Francisco, worked yesterday until 10 pm, had my personal training session today where I almost fainted (don’t ask me why – I think I’m a little bit less in shape than I thought) and now I’m trying to clean my apartment a little to prepare for work. There are a lot of things I have to do and a lot of work that has to get done.

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