I wished I had a better one

One more weekend is gone and I wished it was a more productive one. I did some work, but I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything. I have received some of my furniture (and that’s an interesting story that I’ll tell later), and did visit some fitness centers. I have talked with my “health advisor” last week and he said that I should force myself to do some exercise by joining a club. Initially, all the clubs that I’ve looked around here were very “nice” and expensive. They offered towels, shampoo, soap… The one I visited today required you to bring your own towels and everything else, but it was about 1/3 of the price. I think I can buy many towels with the price difference!

Anyway, now for the more interesting story: the furniture. Well, I bought some furniture some weeks ago and they were going to deliver it today. So far so good, right? Well, so they tried to call me since wednesday to confirm the delivery and I was only able to have some time and call them back on Friday. When I got to the automated service they mentioned that I had two deliveries outstanding: one for the June 19th and the other for July 27th!!! I tried to talk with the service representative on Friday, but they left me waiting for 10 minutes and I gave up.

So, yesterday I called the salesperson that sold me all the furniture to understand what was going on. She was shocked and asked me to call her again on Friday, because she was taking the early week off and would only be able to get an answer from her manager on Thursday. Very sad. But there is one good thing: Now with my new headboard and rails, I don’t have to use those hideous bedskirts any more. I don’t know who invented those, but they are just terrible. Makes making the bed much harder and changing the sheets even harder (because if you want to change the bedskirt to match the new sheets, you have to remove the whole mattress and then put it back up). Sometimes there are reasons to be happy.

Another sad point of the day: I had a concert to go today. I left about 10 minutes later than I planned… But the problem is that I got even more trafic than I thought and I arrived by the concert hall already 15 minutes late. I still had to park and walk in… So, as it was a free concert I decided that I should just go back home and get back to work on my 3-computer-ed office – I feel like a geek!

One thought on “I wished I had a better one

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