Sometimes Seattle is able to impress me still. Today I went for my first movie in the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF). It was a movie called “Man About Dog“, an Irish comedy about three friends that decide that they want to win money on Grayhound racing. It was interesting, sometimes funny, but what impressed me is that the director was there at the movie theater for a Q&A afterwards.

If you are a member of the SIFF, they have movie previews all year round when they invite the directors of these movies to later talk about the movie. It involves a lot of money! And very interested audience…

I wouldn’t say I’m too sad that I have only gone to this single movie in the almost 4 weeks of the festival (the largest of its kind in the US), though. It’s not that I’m that into the whole international movie scene (or any movie scene – I haven’t even watched Episode III yet), but I’m just interested in the culture that this brings, the awareness that a country is not alone in anything that they do.

Oh, just as an aside, before the movie they showed a short film called “The Carpenter & his Clumsy Wife“… A movie that was a little gross, lots of dark comedy, blood… Ultimately disturbing, I was glad it was just a 10-minute short movie!

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