Happiness brings pain…

The worst type of sadness is the one caused by a happy moment. One that you see everybody around you jumping up in excitement while all you want to do is to go a dark corner and stay there alone for some time. The interesting thing is that this happened to me quite often lately. I could go through all the cases, but I’ll only mention the latest: yesterday my elder syster got engaged!

Isn’t this great? A sister that many times said that she would never get married seems to have found her love and now, after about 2 years together, is engaged! What makes all this sad? That should be very evident: I never met the guy. I talked to him on the phone once for 10 seconds when I wanted to talk with my sister (he kept trying to be nice to me and I bluntly interrupted him asking to talk with my syster). It is scarry that I’m becoming this other person, distant from what is happening with my family. Yesterday I wished I could drop everything I have here and move back to Brazil…

I wished I had a lighter note to end this… Maybe “MY SISTER IS ENGAGED!”

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