Overhelping the internet

The internet as being a cheap medium to present your ideas, became also a cheap place to get people’s ideas. Everywhere you go you are asked many questions about if you like the content, what would you make to change it, are you an expert to fix it? It is interesting, but after some time I started to think it is a little too confusing. Reading the news is not only like reading the news, but you are encouraged to rate the article you’ve read. On the Amazon side, buying something is not only like just buying it, but you feel like you should rate it to help other people decide.

It all comes back to cost. Some people think it’s a win-win situation, just like reality TV, where you get some random people and put them through something odd. You don’t have to pay actors, you don’t have to write scripts, you don’t have to do anything; and even with all this cheapness, people still like to watch the programs.

However, I’m personally tired of it. I was tired of reality TV since its inception, but now I’m tired of internet feedback. I am tired of people delegating to others the pain of doing things and then making the money out of it. I think there is a limit to how you should waste people’s time online, and I think that we have passed this limit.

Thus, I’m starting a campaign right now of: do not waste your time posting feedbacks on commercial websites. If they want quality, let them pay for it!

PS: A blog is not a commercial website. You can still post comments here and I won’t make money out of them.

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