Yes, I know I’m a bad blogger

Here I am again to talk about nothing at all. Lately I just have been working and solving many fire drills around here. Besides that life pretty much does not exist. The only thing I think I have to talk about is how I hate Murphy’s Law. Yesterday I decided that I was too tired and I should leave at around 9:10 pm. So I started wrapping things up and left a little later than I should have left, something like 2 minutes after the time that I would need to get the bus. But I wasn’t too worried, because the bus is usually 5 minutes late anyway.

However, as Murphy would have predicted, the bus was 1 minute early yesterday and I missed it! I then went back to my office and this time I planned to get to the stop at least 5 minutes early. What happened? The bus was 10 minutes late and I waited 15 minutes in the bus stop for it.

But, hey, I got some exercise and some work done! 🙂

Tonight I don’t think I’ll last much longer here. But I will go home and study for my training tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Yes, I know I’m a bad blogger

  1. I know this is the pot calling the kettle black, but you are a workaholic. Remember to relax a little too. Life isn’t all work. Did you learn nothing from me at all?


  2. You are so mean… complaining about a 15 minutes bus delay. (lol) Imagine if you had to take a bus here? You would probably be delighted if it delayed ONLY 15 minutes… !


  3. First, Stacy: life is not all work, but it is harder. At work I know what to do, rain does not stop me, nor is it expensive (it is actually the opposite). So if I’m having fun with work, it is hard to decide to do something else.Safiry: I wasn’t comparing and not even complaining that much. But, yes, I think I’m getting a little spoiled by buses that follow a pretty good schedule. When you are in a place where buses don’t have schedule at all, well, you learn not to look at the watch.


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