The healthy Seattle

It is very interesting to see the psychological profile of Seattle. People here are a little strange in the sense of trying to prove something about their health. Not even getting into the big hype about “organic food” that is happening everywhere (btw: what is “inorganic food?”), but a good part of my co-workers are vegetarian, many people I meet around are vegetarian or vegan, I was asked last week by a co-worker if I ever thought of fasting for a week or so to “cleanse my body”… It is not crazy, it is just off the charts on the “normality” rate. And today I even heard of another person that used his mouse on his left hand, although he was right-handed, because he wanted to “train himself” to be left-handed too. All this “testing your body” type of thing just makes me amazed!

Of course this effect can also be bad. I think I never had so many friends around here that are big drug “enjoyers” or were a lot in the past. I won’t say they are “users” and not even close to addicts, but it is just strange. There are still a lot of things I have to get use to while living here. But now I’ll just go for a walk.

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