News from my advisor

I finally got a call from my advisor (actually 2, I missed his call yesterday and only realized it today when he called me again). It seems like my dissertation is going the right way. He has a couple of things for me to correct and add, but is hopeful that I can schedule my defense for next month. That means that thare shouldn’t be that many things to do! It is exciting! This weekend should still be ok, because I probably won’t received his comments until early next week, but I’ll have busy evenings next week.

Besides that, I can only say that I’m back to the “busy” stage. I’ve started dating again! Part of me was saying to let me wait until my defense, but it just happened. I shouldn’t say much more about it right now, because it’s just the beginning of everything, but we have been enjoying ourselves for now. She’s been keeping me away from work as much as she can (she works too, and in the evenings sometimes) and we have been even cooking together, and watching some Food Network (that was yesterday – I think the first time we actually stayed in front of a TV with it on). Sure she made me watch “Wimbledon“, but sometimes it is hard to run away from these things. It is actually difficult for me to rate chick flicks, because they all seem the same to me. Here is the basic plot:

They see each other, fall in love, there is something that happens that makes them have to stay away, usually related to family, they can’t stand being away from each other and they break the rules, get together and everything works well!

How to rate it? Predictable? SURE. Bad? Well… Everything I say can be used against me, so I’ll just stop here. Let’s just say that I watched the whole movie, and she fell asleep in the middle of it.

Ok, back to work here. My day hasn’t been too productive. After the call from my advisor, I just couldn’t concentrate any more. But I’ll get back to it. After my 11 am meeting.

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