A busy week behind me

This week was interestingly busy. It started with me not feeling too good (I got a very quick cold that just made me feel not too great for a day or so) evolving into big changes at my area at Amazon (re-org) and culminating on me being invited for dinner tonight at a Rabbi’s place. Of course he won’t be very happy to know that I’ll drive there and drive back home, but I think he will live.

Just a little bit more on the re-org, basically my direct manager changed (my current manager became my manager’s manager – I guess I can say I was demoted) and lots of things moved around. My project didn’t change at all, and I think it was a good change (with some small disagreements, though). Like all changes, for some time people get a little confused with what they have to do now, but it’ll settle soon.

I don’t know what else to talk about. My life is changing in some subtle (and some not-too-subtle) ways, but I’m still trying to understand the change before I can really discuss it. I think it is a good change!

As for a link, maybe people should have a quick look into Yub.com. The concept is interestin: combining product and local reviews with social networks for you to get to know people that buy like you and get some idea of who is behind reviews. However, the good things, in my opinion, end there. The main problem with it is who joins the network. Social networks are dead… Most of the people that join these things are young, teenagers. What can they review in depth? Sure there have to be some interesting reviews, but most of them are around “Oh, man, this is soooo coool!”

The user interface is a little too busy, but there are good things about it. Oh, well, take a look and get your own impressions of it.

Ah, I should also send another link: Israeli-Palestinian Cease-Fire. I surely have to put a disclaimer here that this is a link to The Onion, if you know what I mean…

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