Valentine’s day yearly rant

Valentine’s day is a very strange day in the American calendar. I’m getting to the conclusion that Americans are just too jealous of each other, so there can’t be any holidays that people give gifts to one person only. They have to extend the gift giving to everybody else, like co-workers, children, teachers. It is actually a big day at elementary schools (and even after that)!

The whole concept behind this date is wrong. The amount of pressure that it puts on a relationship (Will he get the right flowers? Good chocolate? Reservations on that expensive restaurant?) is just unreal and unhealthy. The psychological benefits from a common day of “love-giving” is also not that important. It can only go wrong!

I’m an advocate of the “every day is a good day to be romantic”. I think romance has to be spontaneous and should have a set date for it. Restaurants and chocolate companies wouldn’t know how to focus their work anymore, though. But that’s a minor detail.

Alright, I’m falling asleep while writing this. I didn’t realize it was already almost 2 a.m. Let me go to bed.

Just as an update, I actually went on a date technically yesterday. It was alright, but I’m not sure I’ll get a second one. My boring inner self was not very impressive. But who knows?

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