Still learning things from other sources

Today I was going through my usual sweep through online news when I find this: Amazon invests in blogging site. Strange move… I’ll try to investigate more about it. But of course I won’t be able to post or tell anybody outside work what it is about, but this post is just to let people think.

Besides that, it was a pretty hard day at work today. In the afternoon I was interrupted to talk about an idea that I just thought it was reasonably stupid. But the person that had this idea insisted so much in it, even took me out to eat (dessert) to discuss it! I don’t know why, one of my weaknesses is that things that I find are stupid bother me. It makes my mind go crazy trying to understand why that person gave this idea, and what this person isn’t seeing that I’m seeing that is making me think it is stupid. The result of it: I just couldn’t do any work any more. So I came home. At 7:15 pm I was home, imagine that!!! And what am I doing? Reading the news and… working. At least it is quiet here.

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