And the conspiracy starts to unfold…

Today I found some new details about the conspiracy that my parents are planning… Although they claim there is no real conspiracy: my younger sister (and my mother too) are looking for a boyfriend for one of my sisters best friend. You do the rest of the math!

Changing subject, my dissertation is coming, but I’m a little worried now. I have implemented something and when I was writing it down I suddenly had a great idea of how to make it more efficient! Now I don’t know if I should go back and try it, or just add it to the “future improvements”… Actually even part of me is saying to write it down as if I did it! This last part is confusing me a little! Why am I thinking of cheating on my dissertation? It’s something I should be proud of in the future and not ashamed that I actually didn’t implement everything I claimed I did (although I can’t say that my last and most efficient version of the software works with all the nice procedures that I’ve built before, but that’s a minor detail! All of them used to work!).

Oh, well, time to get back to it. I can even start to imagine finishing it today! I’m so close!

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